Application Forms

So now you are here you can get these forms according to your need.

1. Employee Forms

When you are looking for residence in Denmark and also work then you have to submit some forms before continuing which is compulsory for both you and your employer who is hiring you. So if you fall into positive list, you are trainee, athlete, you are under pay limit scheme and you have qualified for the Point Based system then you can further proceed by printing this form.

If you are a researcher then you need to fill this form for work and residence.

If you are coming to Denmark under/through corporate which operates in different countries then you need to fill this form.

If you are religious worker and come here in Denmark for preaching your religion then fill this form.

2. Being Self Employed

If you own your own business/you are self employed then fill this form

3. Form for job seeker

So if you are looking for job in Denmark and haven't found any job yet then you need to fill this form. This form is also for getting the Green Card.

4. The Members of Your Family

If you have a desire to bring along your family members with you and need to work there also then you need this form to fill it. If you are bringing your spouse or other family member for study or work purposes then this form also fulfils the requirement

5. If You Need Extension During Your Stay In Denmark 

If this is the case then fill this form

If you are a religious worker which normally is considered as having temporary residence then for extension you need to fill this one.

  • The RF1 Form I have provided the link in this page if you scroll a bit up you will see a RF1 Form, so scroll up now.
If you have a family member and his/her duration is close to expiry then you need to apply for extension for which you will need this form.