Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Green Card Scheme Facts

There is a possibility that you can get Green Card during your work period or studies period but you have to qualify for it first. There is point based system for it. Let us get to the point system.

The Conditions For Every One

1. If you want residence as green card holder than you have to get minimum of 100 points to get to it.
2. These points are divided into your education level, experience, age, languages skills etc.

Before going in-depth you need to provide documents that you and your accompanying family have full health insurance up-to the point where then you are covered by Danish Health Insurance. Then after that you must make assurnce that for first one year in Denmark you can support yourself. Which means that you must have recent bank statement in your name. For Further Reading click "Read More" link.

The Education Level 

1. You should keep in mind that every country has it's own academic level of degrees, even if your degree has same title for like MBA, ACCA etc.  It may not hold same value in Denmark. So it becomes important that your education level must be assessed by Danish Agency for International Education.

2. If the degree you hold is less then the standard of Denmark's Bachelor's Degree then you will have very less chance of getting a green card.

3. If you are coming from Pakistan and India and you hold a Masters Degree, Danish Agency for International Education will judge your degree as equivalent to 2 years bachelors degree. Sigh :(.

If you want to read on the General Assessments for Specific Countries Specially for Pakistani and Indian Universities then Click on "Read More"

4. If you want to make your assessment good, a good luck chance, make colour copies of your documents and then send them. Some thing which I learnt on the way.

5. What Documents you will be needing when you want the Danish Agency to assess your level of education ? All relevant documents of your educational history and these all should be in English and if your documents are not in English then translate them by getting a certificate for it. It's a must you know.  For Pakistani individuals keep in mind that documents should be attested by HEC ( Higher Education Commission) Pakistan.

Ahhh, The Points 

So here are the points for which you have been waiting :) to assess your educational level.

  1. Bachelors Degree = 30 Points
  2. If you have Bachelor's Degree and along with one year of Master's Degree = 50 points
  3. If you hold Master's Degree Equivalent to Danish Standards than = 60 points
  4. O, yes the Ph.D = 80 points
My friends, you can get bonus points in the case if you studied from the following universities. Click on this link to get list of 400 universities. So to sum up the bonus round points.

  1. If you get in the top 400 Universities list you get 5 points.
  2. If you studied in top 200 then 10 points.
  3. If top 100 then 15 points.

The Language Ability

For getting points here you have to go through a four level system which is the Danish Language Test Level 1, level 2, level 3 and the last which is study test. Here is a link that will lead you to Language tests which Denmark approves it's like IELTS. Which will help you to understand the points and maximum points which you can get from this is 30.

The Drill ( Work Experience )

Based on your work experience you can get points which are as follow;

  1. 1-2 years experience in the last five years as researcher/or he/she is in field of positive list = 10 points
  2. 3-5 years experience in the last five years as researcher/or he/she is in field of positive list = 15 points
  3. 3-5 years experience in the last five as other worker = 5 points

You got that maximum marks are 15 here.

The Age which I can't control 

  1. If you are in between 35-40 years you will get 10 points.
  2. But if you are younger that is 34 or less then you get 15 points.
Watch and learn 

If you studied at any institution in Denmark or worked there and now you are applying for Green Card then you can get good points. Which are if you worked for 1 year or studied for one year then you will get 5 points and if you worked there for 2 years or studied for 3 years at Denmark you will get 10 points. If you have passed the language test there in Denmark you will be give bonus points which is 5.

So now you know the truth :)


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