Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Facts of Pay Limit Scheme

Let us look at the pay schemes and rules of Denmark for this concern, these are not difficult one's. So let us begin. Those persons which are offered high pay because there job nature is very special and they have special skills to perform it, then in this condition there would be no need of any form of proof of education, you just need the skills here. Other than that if you don't have special knowledge or skill then look at the positive list.

Here are some conditions that you should keep in mind when you are going for Denmark or are in Denmark.

1. It's a must that you should have annual pay of not less than DKK 375,000 which makes US $ 73,783.

2. There must be a written contract of your job, in which there should be mention of salary and the conditions of employment.

3. These all conditions and salary package must be in Danish Rules and law.

4. For doing some special jobs like if you are doctor than you must get Danish Authorisation Certificate, which you can get through Danish National Board of Health. ( DNBH). If you want to further read on this doctor matters than read the page of "Read More".

5. For duration part if you are job seeking individual in Denmark, if you get hired by any employer in Denmark and you get Temporary Job Contract, in this condition you will be getting benefit of staying in Denmark for up-to 6 more month's.

6. If you get laid off for any reason and in next couple of days you get another job, then you must be applying for new residence and again for work permit.

7. If you got laid off, putting the condition here, that it's not your fault then you get 6 months bonus period of staying in Denmark during which you can do the job hunt in Denmark. Keep in mind that you have to apply for residence for job hunt/seeking.

8. O.K, after looking for days you got a new job now what ? Like I said in above points that you must apply for work permit and for residence, so I hope you are getting the scenario of Denmark working and residence conditions.

9. What if your work permit expires and you are doing the work with company ? In this case apply for extension in Immigration Service office so that your application can be processed.

10. All these applications of work and residence permit can be obtained by applying or sending letter to Immigration Service Office which contains your name, Address, Your Alien Identification Number and your passport of-course. 

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